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Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, and we welcome guests and members of the public who have an interest in learning more abut the fine art of beautiful writing. Please see our Meetings page for full details and directions and download our Newsletters for reviews and photos from our workshops and programs.


Meet and mingle with local Escribiente calligraphers at our free monthly meetings. Guests welcome, so just drop by! We meet the first Wednesday of most months at the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center in Albuquerque (southwest corner of Elizabeth and Southern).

November 2, 2016, 6:30pm

Creating Signage from Your Calligraphy

Presentation by Al Padilla, of The Sign Store, Albuquerque.

Combo program! Presentation at our regular meeting, followed by a field trip to The Sign Store on the afternoon of November 10 (see below).

Al Padilla is a member of Escribiente and the owner of The Sign Store in Albuquerque. This will be a unique opportunity to learn about preparing your calligraphy for output to commercial printers and electronic cutting machines.

You will learn:

  • How to prepare your hand lettering and artwork for use in large format signage.
  • How to prepare calligraphy for computer cut graphics.
  • How to prepare your calligraphy for digital printing.
  • Exterior grade sign materials.
  • Bonus: How to turn your calligraphy into a computer font (time permitting).

Field Trip:

Thursday, November 10, 3:30pm

The Sign Store, 3600 Osuma Rd, Suite 101, Albuquerque, NM [google map]

See the large format cutters and prints at work with a field trip to Al Palilla's business. (Attendance at the regular program is not required.)


Download Screen Res PDF2016–3 (November)

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  • Cover: Bill Kemp's certificate for Jan Florence.
  • Susanne Moores Landscape, Language & Letters, Ghost Ranch workshop photo gallery
  • Bill Kemp teaching at IAMPETH photo gallery
  • Weathergrams Event at Open Space, Albuquerque
  • Workshop review: Nancy Culmone's Contemporary and Decorated Letters
  • Eat Your Words - by Kathy Chilton
  • Field trip to the New Mexico State Archives
  • Show of Hands 2016 Conference workshop review: Yves Leterme's Brush Fiesta
  • New Mexico State Fair 2016 - Calligraphy Exhibit photo gallery
  • How to Cut a Quill - by Ralph Douglass (1951)
  • Tips for Lettering Artists

New Mexico State Fair 2016

The New Mexico State Fair was held at Expo New Mexico
September 8 – 18, 2016

Escribiente members displayed their fine art of beautiful lettering at the State Fair each year in the Creative Arts Building at NM Expo, Albuquerque. The Juror for this year's exhibit was Meredith McPherson, assisted by Escribiente VP Trish Meyer. Below is our show from September 2016:

NM State Fair album montage

View Flickr slideshow of the Calligraphy exhibit at the 2016 New Mexico State Fair.

Escribiente Coloring book

Members of Escribiente (Albuquerque’s Calligraphy Society) designed a coloring book featuring each letter of the alphabet. Members graphically illustrated letters for the 8.5 X 11 inch pages which were then spiral bound into a book format. The range of techniques in the book includes calligraphy, lettering, floral design, drawing, and abstract designs.

Caryl McHarney, a multimedia artist, designed and colored the front cover. She used Bookhand and Neuland calligraphy styles for the lettering. 

A few copies remain for sale from the limited edition of 175 copies which were released in May 2016. The books are for sale for $10.00 each which includes shipping.

To purchase a copies, please contact

Caryl McHarney at 505-255-7883

Email Caryl at:

Escribiente Mentor Program

Escribiente has a mentor program for new members. Our objective is to assist new members with calligraphy and the many things associated with it. This is not designed to teach a hand, but to assist with various techniques and questions such as:

  • How do you do that?
  • I want to do this – but where do I start?
  • What should I use ( i.e. ink, tool, paper)?
  • Guidelines?
  • I can’t make that letter, what am I doing wrong?
  • Squash??? Well that is what it sounded like. (Gouache)
  • Can you do calligraphy on this?
  • And the many more questions that we all had when we were first starting out.

It will not all be on your shoulders, if you don’t know the answer you can find out or refer them to another member that you think would know the answer. But the best thing that will happen is the possible friendship that may develop for you and Escribiente. This will make the new member gain confidence in their ability as a calligrapher and feel like one of us (experienced calligraphers anyway) much faster. I remember the excitement of looking at all the strange tools, the mystery of how do they make those pens make letters like that and many other questions.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or having a Mentor, contact Jan Florence: H 505-281-5771 (call first) - C 505-269-8867; email: