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Escribiente is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of calligraphy in our greater community through regular meetings, exhibitions and workshops.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Escribiente, and feel welcome to stop by as our guest at any upcoming meeting.

General Enquiries

Escribiente President: Evelyn Costello

Webmaster: Trish Meyer email:

Escribiente Board of Directors 2016–2017

President: Evelyn Costello

Vice President: Trish Meyer

Treasurer: Catherine Hogan

Secretary: Diane Inman

(Please see the most recent Newsletter for the latest contact information)

Committee Chairs

E-News: Bill Kemp

Fundraising: Rodger Mayeda

Hospitality: Beth House

Library: Trish Meyer – Email:
      (Note: The Library List is posted on our Meetings Page)

Materials: Janice Gabel

Membership: Julie Gray

Mini-Workshops: Beth McKee

Monthly Flyer: Lynda Lawrence

Newsletter: Julie Gray

Programs: Trish Meyer & Patty Hammarstedt

Publicity: Miriam Simmons

Refreshments: Ginger Larkin

Exhibits: Beth House

State Fair: Beth House

Workshops: Jan Florence, (505) 281-5771.


For contact information on committee members,
please refer to the latest Membership Directory.