Past Meetings Archive

Below is a summary of the meetings held during the 2017–18 year.

November 1, 2017

Thirty Degrees in Ink

Presented by Patty Hammarstedt and Janice Gabel

This month’s Program will delve deeper into Bookhand/Foundational with pen and ink exploration. While viewing an exemplar handout, members will be lead through the lower case alphabet with attention to the 30-degree pen angle, vertical slope, ductus of letter formation, serifs, and spacing as time allows. There will be plenty of examples on hand for more experienced members to glean inspiration from.

Supplies to Bring:
  • A large broad-edged Speedball C2 nib OR Mitchel or Brause equivalents
  • Nib holder
  • Non-waterproof ink (Higgins Eternal is a good one)
  • Translucent layout bond paper (guidesheets will be provided); any size
  • Pad of grid paper
  • seat cushion (for added height)

October 4, 2017

Thirty Degrees in Double Pencil

Presented by Elizabeth McKee

Things ‘get thicker’ at this month’s program as we begin our journey with the thirty-degree pen angle of Bookhand/Foundational using ‘double pencils’. The large, open letters created with these everyday tools are perfect for clarifying the hand’s exploration and eye’s visualization of Bookhand/Foundational’s lovely arched and circular letterforms. Once written, members can experiment with coloring them in for unique effects using gouache, pastel, colored pencil, watercolor colored pencil or watercolor.

Supplies to Bring:
  • Two sharp pencils (2 different colored pencils would be helpful)
  • a strong rubber band
  • seat cushion (for added height)
  • optional: some extra colored pencils
  • paper and handouts will be provided

September 6, 2017

Monoline Maxim

Presented by Patty Hammarstedt

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As we kick off a year of Bookhand/Foundational exploration, this month’s Program Meeting will begin with writing their pure proportions and shapes. Reviewing these elegant and dramatic letterform skeletons using monoline tools, we will set the course toward stronger and livelier writing to use with the broad edged pen. To keep it all fun, we will also set up a table of a variety of ‘crazy’ monoline tools to ‘let loose’ and experiment with.

Supplies to bring:
  • A Pigma Micron pointed tip markers (02 or 03 or 05 thickness)
  • A pad of grid paper that takes these markers well and doesn’t bleed
  • A regular mechanical pencil

July 5, 2017

Frenetic Flourishing

Presented by Elizabeth McKee

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Exemplar from the Cataneo Manuscript.

Flourishes are the non-structural embellishments added to letters. They are the marks made by calligraphers to add some zing to a page of lettering. The name comes from the same root as the word “flower.” Done well they can enhance a piece of calligraphy. Done poorly, they can kill it. Come and learn the principles of a good flourish!

While referring to handout examples, members will simultaneously practice a set of flourishes – first in the air by making large movements using the upper body and shoulder rotations, then by mark-making on large sheets of paper with a pencil and felt-tipped markers.

We will learn to: Look. Practice. Memorize. Repeat. 

After the initial group practice participants will be encouraged to take off and fly on their own!

Paper will be provided.

You will need to bring:

  • sharpened pencils (colored might make it more interesting but plain lead pencils are fine)
  • one or two felt-tipped markers
  • a pair of scissors
  • masking tape