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Workshops Registration Policy

Escribiente holds two major workshops per year in the Spring and Fall. Because of our growing membership, workshops can sell out quickly. If you are not a member, we encourage you to Join our Society so that you receive priority registration.

We email our members in advance with news of our upcoming workshops and we post a Registration flyer on our Workshops page. Please note the “opening day” listed in the Registration flyer and mark it on your calendar.

The opening date usually coincides with one of our regularly scheduled meetings. To register for a workshop, complete the Registration Form and pay by check or online via Paypal.

If you can’t attend the meeting, or live out of town, mail your check so that the postmark is the SAME DAY as the meeting. The postmark will be used as the received by date.

Telephone registrations are not accepted, but if you have a question about registration or the status of any workshop, please contact Janice (see above, right). You may also contact
her with questions about workshops (content, supplies, etc.), suggestions for future workshops or workshop locations, and a request for housing accommodation for out-of-town students.


Each class has a limit on the total number of students allowed and this may vary depending on the location and the instructor. If registrations from opening day are equal to, or less than, the total number of students allowed, then the Workshop Chair will notify members that they are enrolled and their deposit checks will be cashed. To maintain your registration in good standing, payment is due no later than three weeks before the workshop (or as noted on the Registration form for that workshop).

Current and new members are given priority over non-members. After opening day, registrations from members will be accepted in the order that they are received. Registrations from non-members will be held until the priority registration period ends (more on this below).

See below for definition of “current”, “new” and “non-member” and the rules for any lottery.


Refunds are given only if the workshop is canceled by Escribiente OR your place is actually filled from our waiting list OR if you find someone to take your place. Please give us as much notice as possible. All changes in registration must be handled by Janice Gabel. If you cannot make it to the class, you must call her at least 24 hours in advance of the workshop so that she may notify any wait-listed people.

Full Payment

If the registration fee is not received three (3) weeks before the workshop, your spot may be forfeited.

Please help our workshops run smoothly by paying promptly. We understand that life happens and you may need to cancel. If you give us as much notice as possible, we may have time to fill your spot so that your deposit can be refunded.



In the event that registrations from opening day exceeds the total number of spots available, then a lottery will be held based on these guidelines:

1. Board members and Committee members are exempt from the lottery (provided they registered on opening day).

2. Current members will be entered into a lottery and name drawn in order.

3. The lottery will continue for all new members.

At the end of the lottery, the max number of students will be notified that they are enrolled, and any remaining names are placed on the wait list.

After opening day, entries from any member will be added to the wait list in the order they are received until the priority registration period ends. It's not unusual to have two or more cancellations, so please submit your registration even if a workshop is marked as full!

Checks will not be cashed for anyone on the wait list.

Non-members will be enrolled only if spots are available 21 days before the workshop.

Priority Registration Period

The priority registration period for members closes 21 days before the workshop. On the closing day, if there are spots available, registrations from non-members will be processed in the order that they were received.

Note that we no longer add an additional fee for membership if you want to attend a single workshop. You will be considered a guest student for that workshop only.

After the closing day, if there are spots still available, further enrollments from members and non-members will be processed in the order in which they are received.

Definition of Current Member

Members are given priority in registration.
Our membership year runs from July 1 – June 30.

According to our Bylaws, a “member is a person who supports the Society and has paid his/her current dues.”

For the purposes of workshop registrations, we add this clarification, which is only of interest in the case of lottery:

Fall workshop: To be considered a Current Member on opening day, you must have renewed your membership in a timely manner so that your name is included in the annual Membership Directory. The Directory is published in August each year, so please watch for announcements from Membership regarding your renewal.

So if you join or renew your membership after the Directory is published, you will be considered a new member for the purposes of any lottery.

Spring workshop: You must have paid your dues by December 31st to be considered a Current Member for our Spring workshop. Members joining after January 1st will be considered a new member for the purposes of any lottery.

We hope these guidelines are helpful and clarify our enrollment process.


If you have questions about our workshops, please contact Janice Gabel,